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Group Highlights

Nov. 2017: Dr. Dai delivered an invited speech at the 6th International Forum on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering (6th OSMG-2017), Nanjing, China.


Oct. 2017: A journal paper titled “Recognizing diverse construction activities in site images via relevance networks of construction related objects detected by convolutional neural networks” by Luo, Li, Cao, Dai, Seo, and Lee was accepted by ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Cheers!

Sep. 2017: Dr. Dai visited Oklahoma State University, one member of Big XII conference, and delivered a presentation on the ICIL’s work.


Sep. 2017: Mr. Hansheng Lin from Guangdong Province Hospital for Occupational Disease Prevention and Treatment, China joined ICIL as a visiting scholar. Welcome, Hansheng.

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