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About IRL

The key technical strength of the WVU Interactive Robotics Laboratory (IRL) lies in the areas of robot/UAV navigation, filtering and estimation, autonomy, and systems design and integration.

With an over 1.5:1 robot-to-human ratio, we build real robots and test them in challenging physical environments. Our recent achievements include the performing of autonomous close-formation flight experiments and the winning of the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge.

At IRL, we tackle the challenges that matter to the world:

Seeking passionate and capable students.

Open Positions

An interactive open access online journal in robotics.

Interactive Robotics Letters

Meet Cataglyphis, the richest ant on planet Earth!

NASA Centennial Challenge

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- IRL was selected by NASA to improve the autonomy of future Mars Rovers!

- IRL was selected by USDA/NIFA National Robotics Initiative to develop precision pollination robot!

- We won the NASA Sample Return Robot Centennial Challenge with a $750,000 prize!

- Our paper won the Best Paper Award for Track B: Perception for Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems, IEEE/ION PLANS 2016!

- Scott Harper won the 2016 WVU Student Employee of the Year Award!

- Nicholas Ohi was awarded a 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Order of Augusta!

- Jared Strader was awarded a 2016 3-Year Swiger Fellowship!

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Planetary Exploration

Robotic Pollination

Multi-Agent Collaboration

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