Kenneth H. Means

Kenneth H.Means,PhD
Associate Professor
Departement of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506

Research Interests

  • Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery and Vechiles
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Optimization
  • Energy Systems

Energy Expert system Project for K-12 Schools Energy Expert System

Research Title Granting Agency Duration
  ASHRAE 90.1 Training    WV div of Energy   2013
  Center for Building Energy Use   WV div of Energy   2013
  Project with Industry   WV div of Energy   2013
  Resilent Tunnel Project   Battelle Mem.Inst   2012
  Industry Energy Efficiency Program   WV div. of Energy   2012
  Center for Building Energy Use   WV Div. of Energy   2012
  ASHARE 90.1 Seminar Development   WV Div of Energy   2012
  Biomass Energy Production   US Dept of Energy   2010
  County Stimulus Energy Asst.   WV Div. of Energy   2010
  Technician Energy Training   US Dept of Energy   2010
  Building Energy Use   WV Div of Energy   2010
  Building Energy Assistance   WV Div of Energy   2010
  CHP & Clean Energy   EPA   2008-2009
  Biofuels Development   USDA Forest Serv.   2006-2007
  Lumber Inventory System   USDA Forest Serv.   2006-2007
  EXPERT system for Wood Resources as Fuel   USDA Forest Serv   2006-2007
  Dev. & Testing of a coal Mine Safehouse   NIH   2005-2006
  Textron Fastener Studies   Textron   2004-2005
  Occulus Flight Certification   ANG 2004-2005
  NIOSH jam Alert-Phase 2   NIOSH   2003-2004
  NIOS AutoROPS Pendulum Analysis & Testing   NIOSH   2003-2004
  Industries of the Future-WV(IOF-WV) 2004 State Energy program special Projects   WVDO   2003-2004
  Evaluvation of the NIOSH JamAlert Device   NIOSH   2003-2004
  Development of a NIOSH Auto ROPS Using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic   NIOSH   2003-2004
  Industries of the Future -WV(IOF-WV) 2003 state Energy Program Special Projects   WVDO   2003-2004
  Fuel Cell Manufacturing Methods   NSF   2000-2001
  Building Energy Optimization   DOE   2000-2001
  Preston County AFBC Boiler/HVAC Project   West Virginia Devel. Off.   1999-2000
  Efficiency in Bldg.Constr.Through New Materials and Energy Management   NSF   1999-2000
  Refinements of the Deployable ROPS   NIOSH   1999-2000
  Clean Cities NGV   GRI/Eqitable   1998-1999
  Particle Impact Study   NIOSH   1998-1999
  Variable Valve Timing for a High Speed CIDI Engine   US DOE   1997-1998
  Design of a Particle Impactor   NIOSH   1997-1998
  Variable Speed Drive   Halliburton   1996-1997