Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

West Virginia University : Student Chapter

WVU Student Chapter of SAMPE promotes graduate and undergraduate activities related to "advanced materials" as they relate to disciplines of Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Chemical, and Industrial Engineering.

Chapter Advisor: Dr. Ever Barbero, Professor, MAE, WVU

Members Registered for 2012-2013 Academic Year

Borja Cantero-Tubilla

Fernando Cosso

Joaquin Gutierrez

Miguel Herraez

Kevin Peil

Emily Phipps

John Sandro Rivas Murillo

Ruth Roman

Jonathan Taub

Tim Weadon

Jerry Wong

Evan  McIntyre

Fanke Meng

Paolo Mucciou

Andrea Vattuone

Champange Anyiam - Osigwe

Anitesh Lal

Scott Young

Bernardo Bastos

Patrick Irye


President: Tim Weadon

Vise President: Borja Cantero-Tubilla

Secretary: Fernando Cosso

Treasurer: Ruth Roma

Public Relations: Evan McIntyre



·         SAMPE International Symposium and Exhibition2012
A number of students attended the SAMPE International Symposium and Exhibition held in Baltimore May 21-24.  Here Professor Dr. Barbero, Research Assistant Professor Dr. Sosa, and 2012 masters graduate Kevin Peil presented papers in the “Inflatable Structures I” category, of which Dr. Barbero and Dr. Sosa were chairs.  Additionally, PhD candidate Timothy Weadon was one of 10 recipients of the 2012 Student Leader Experience Award.

Kevin Peil summarized his time at the conference, saying “the 2012 SAMPE convention in downtown Baltimore consisted of many presentations and tutorials on material processing and analysis. A majority of the presentations I attended focused on the development and fabrication methods of structural components for the aerospace industry. Tutorials focused on new methods for finding cracks in composite laminates, improvements in forming processes to reduce material loss and decrease setup costs and tooling demonstrations showing how proper tool development can lower setup time and increase dimensional accuracy.

Presentations were given by several WVU graduate students and faculty, focusing on the development of inflatable structures for protective applications. My presentation featured a method for determining the shear response of pre-tensioned, woven webbings using a large picture frame shear test frame. Other presentations showed the mathematics used to determine safety factors for the project and analytic methods for determining composite material properties using an in house developed software package.”

“I am very excited about the opportunities and honor coupled with this award,” said Weadon. “I look forward to meeting distinguished SAMPE leaders from around the world at the conference, gaining international contacts and receiving valuable insight from other experienced professionals.”  “Tim will benefit greatly from the SAMPE Leadership Experience Award, which will give him the opportunity to interact in SAMPE at a high level, by participating and working on a large event, at Baltimore’s Conference and Expo 2012,” said Ever Barbero, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. Barbero serves as faculty advisor for the Morgantown student chapter of SAMPE.
SAMPE 2012 Conference in Baltimore, MD



From left to right: Borja, Ruth, Ana, Miguel