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John Zaniewski
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506

Reports Submitted to WVDOH

Final Reports

The files are in the Adobe Acrobat format. The reader software is available for free at


Evaluation of the Effect of Fines on Asphalt Concrete

Evaluation of Binder Grades on Rutting Performance

Comparison of 9.5 mm SuperPave and Marshall Wearing I Mixes in West Virginia Division of Highways

Comparison of 19 mm SuperPave and Marshall Base II Mixes in West Virginia

Automation of the SuperPave Mix Design Process for the West Virginia Division of Highways

Evaluation of Indirect Tensile Strength to Identify Asphalt Concrete Rutting Potential


WWW Broker for Specifications, Methods, and Procedures for Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Design

Evaluation of Performance Grade Asphalt Binder Equipment and Testing Protocol

Evaluation 4.75 mm SuperPave Mix Criteria

Evaluation the Compacted Aggregate Resistance Test

Smoothness Acceptance Specifications: Measurements, Implementation and Pay Adjustment Factors for Asphalt Concrete Overlays


Optical Evaluation of Aggregate Size, Shape and Texture

Evaluation of Quality Control Parameters for SuperPave Hot Mix Asphalt

Evaluation of SuperPave Mixtures In West Virginia Using he Asphalt Pavement Analyzer


Inter Laboratory Variability of the Marshall Test Method for Asphalt Concrete

Investigation of Moisture Sensitivity of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete

Evaluation of Bailey Method to Predict Voids in Mineral Aggregate

Inter Laboratory Variability of the SuperPave Volumetric Parameters

Evaluation of Non-Polishing Aggregate Criteria for Various Traffic Levels and Low-Speed Road Conditions


An Evaluation of the Effects of Various Test Parameters on the Air Voids of Asphalt Concrete Specimens

An Evaluation of Current West Virginia Specifications and Construction Methods Regarding the Density of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete


Effects of Residual Moisture and Zero Conditioning Time on Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity

Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Density, Bulk Specific Gravity, and Permeability

Evaluation of Methods for Measuring Aggregate Specific Gravity

Comparison of LTPP-Bind V3.1 and MEPDG for the Selection of Binder Grades

Technical Memos


Variability of SuperPave Compactors in West Virginia

Initial Assessment of Lowering Compaction Effort of West Virginia SuperPave 9.5 and 12.5 Mixes


Analysis of SuperPave Mixes Using the WVDOH PMS Database

Field Investigation

I-68 problems, cores of pavement (warning large file ~7meg +)

Superpave Software

This is a Visual Basic add in for Excel that performs the calculations required for Superpave mix design.

A user's manual is available in "Automation of the Superpave Mix Design Process for the WVDOH",available from the above list of reports. Download both the program and the example problem. After clicking on the Superpave program, you will be given the option by Windows to Open or Save the program.  You should select SAVE, and follow the instructions on saving the program to a directory and folder of your choice. This is standard Windows methodology. If you select OPEN the spread sheet will be opened in the Windows Explorer Window and you will not be allowed to run the macro instructions in the calculator. After saving the Superpave Program, follow the instructions the Install and Run Instructions.

Please email any comments.

Superpave Program Install and Run Instructions

The following files are in the Excel format.

Superpave Program

Superpave Example Problem

Interested in pavement management?

A thesis we developed in cooperation with District 5, thanks Bob Amtower

WVDPMS District Level Pavement Management System for West Virginia DOH District 5

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