Alfred H. Stiller

Ph.D., Cincinnati


Joined Faculty in 1981


Phone: (304) 293-9362



     Dr. Stiller has worked in the energy area since 1976. His work has concentrated on the areas of (1) coal dissolution, (2) reclamation of dispoiled mine lands, and (3) iron sulfide compounds for coal liquefaction catalysis. His efforts in coal dissolution include the use of novel solvents in a coal extraction process. These studies have led to a patented process. He is currently studying the production of precursors for carbon materials from coal.

     Dr. Stiller's highest activity is coal conversion with the goal of producing the entire range of carbon materials from coal. One of the focal points of this activity is the production of graphitizable carbon foam structures which might have a myriad of applications in modern technology.

Selected Publications

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