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Current Issue: Vol. 14, No. 02

Coming Soon Black Diamonds Vol.15, No.01, 2015 Issue is coming soon.
Vol. 14 No. 02

MinE enrollment and graduating classes 2013-2014: This is particularly true for the WVU Department of Mining Engineering as we continue to maintain a steady growth in student enrollment as well as faculty positions. A few short weeks ago, we had 24 students walk across the stage at the WVU Coliseum to receive their bachelor’s degrees in mining engineering. That’s a significant number considering that eight years ago when I first came here, only two students received their degrees at commencement.
This issue and next 2015 issue of Black Diamonds are to focus on the research interests of mining engineering faculty. In their columns, you will become aware of the projects they are working on currently. If some of their interests are in areas which you might share, I urge you to contact them and, possibly, establish a research relationship.
In this issue included: Call of Action result of chemical spill by Dr. Aaron Noblel, Ground Control Safety by Dr. Keith Heasley, High Wall Mining Research by Dr. Yi Luo, Experimental Rock Mechanics by Dr. Brijes Mishra, Communication Link in Case of Emergency by Mark Sindlar, Astroid Capture Project by Drs. Aaron Noble and Brejes Mishura, Surface Mining Research by Vlad Kecojevic.
SME Meeting at Salt Lake City, UT, field trips and recognition awards.

Vol. 14 No. 01

Charles C. Dunbar, acquisitions project manager for Arch Coal, Inc., presented the
annual William Poundstone Lecture entitled, “New and Continuing Challenges for the Coal Industry–The
Engineer’s View,” on October 29, 2013.
Welcome new faculty, Dr. Aaron Noble to join Mining Engineering program.
WVU SME Student Chapter president report and farewell article.

WVU Mining Engineering Rescue Team: Since its founding in January 2012, the West Virginia University Mine Rescue Team has rapidly become a unique part of the mine rescue community alongside the industry teams that have encouraged its progress from concept to competition. In the past year, the WVU Mine Rescue Team entered its first competition, sent volunteers to a local competition, performed an exhibition exercise to promote mine rescue, and had nearly 20 members in training.
"Reflection of Decade in WVU", a farewell article by Morgan Sears.

Activity highlight of Fall SME student chapter. Class of 2013.
Mining Engineering Donors.

Vol. 13 No. 01

James William Harvey presented annual William Pouondstone Lecture on September 13, 2012 at WVU Alumni Center. He is a retired vice president of Wells Fargo Insurance Services for Energy and Mining. His lecture titled is "My Career in the Energy-Focused Financial Services Industry: An Alternative Use of a Mining Engineering Education."
The WVU MinE Rescue Team was finally being able to be formed in January 2012 as the enrollment of undergraduate mining engineering program incresed. Currently WVU MinE Rescue Team was ctively training for competitions this 2012 Spring. The WVU MinE Rescue Team currently has two, siz-person teams that practice together, with cross-trining by position.
The 31st International Conference for Ground Control in Mining (ICGCM) held on July 31-August,2012 at Morgantown, W.Va. More than 40 papers were presented over a three day period, showing the latest developments in the mining and mineralindustry.
Sarah Hurr, Jason Mash, and Robert Seitz received this year first place Carlson Software senior mine design competition, was awarded $2,000. Dr. Keith Heasley is the advisor for the mine design project.
Dr. Yi Luo, Associate Professor of Mining Enigneering was one of the the speakers feature as part of the 2012 Krumb Lecture Series. His lecture title was "Locating the Determining the Status of a Thermal Event in Longwall Panel Using Mine Atomsphere Monitoring Data," forcused on concealed thermal events in longwall gos, which can be a safety harzard for undeground coal miners and could interrupt mining production. Morgan Sears was recognized at SME Annual Meeting with the 2011 SME Syd S. Peng Grouond Control Scholarship. Many other scholarships and awards were accpted by the students and faculty.
2012 May commencement for the Statler Colleg of Engineering and Mienral Resources was held on May 2012. The class of 2012 mining engineering was the largest since the mid-1980.

Vol. 12 No. 01

Raymond Bradbury was the Poundstone Lectuer for September, 2011. Bradury was former president of Martin County Coal Corporation presented the lecture entitled, "My Last and Best of 23 Years in Coal".
The first study abroad oportunitiy specifically for ming enigneeing students led by Dr. Chris Bise, was initiated on May 12, 2011. The students from WVU, together with the students from University of Kentuky, flew to Shanghai, China, and then to Xushou, the home of China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT). The team had many educational activities with the students in CUMT. They also had the oppertunity of plant tour operated by Joy's business unit in China.
International Conference for Ground Control in Mining (ICGCM) celabrated the 30th Anniversary on July-August, 2011 at Morgantown, W.Va. The conference proceddings from the past 30 years contained an encyclopedia of grouond control technology for the mining community.
Chris Bise was awrded tieh Erskine Ramsey Medal from the American Incstitue of Mining, Metallurgica and Peroleum Engineers (AIMMP). Amey Burt receives Order of Augesta Honor. Charlie Chase III accpted a scholarship from the Rmember of Miners Organisation. Morgan Sears was recognized at SME Annual Meeting with the 2011 SME Syd S. Peng Grouond Control Scholarship. Many other scholarships and awards were accpted by the students and faculty.
Benjamin Statler and his wife, Jo, made the historical gift to West Virginia University, $34 M, and $11 M matching fund from the state's Research Trust Fund (total $45 M). Ben Statler worked at a CONSOL Energy mine while attending classes at WVU. He earned his B.S. degree in mining engineering in 1973. Ben worked his way up to senior vice president ofmining operations.Currently, he is co-founder of Gulf Coast Capital Partners.

Vol. 11 No. 01

Chris Hamilton, senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association, presneted a speech on "Coal, Energy, and Moutaintop Development", as part of CEMR, WVU Distinguished Lecture Series.
Chris Bise receives AIME Mineral Industry Education Award. Keith Heasley receives Syd Peng Ground Control in Mining Award.
Students, faculty, alumni, and fried were recognized for thier distinct achevements at this year's Recognition Banquet
James L. Corsaro, BSEM '66 and MSEM '68, wrote about "Recollections of Those Good Old Student Days".
The Mining Enigneering Peer-Assisted-Learning (PAL) Program requires the scholarship recipeints to paraticipate in the activities of "students to help other students," to allow students to interact and create friendship.
Northern West Virginia Coal Preparation Society donates additional funds to scholarship.
Class of 2011represents the largest graduation class since 1980s.
Fenix II replica, the mine rescue capsule used in the Chilean mine rescue of 2010, was displayed on the front lawn of the Mineral Resources Building on WVU in early May.

Vol. 10 No. 02

Poundstone Lecturer--William N. Poundstone, consultant and retired executive vice president of Consolidation Coal Company, delivered his presentation, "My Career in Coal," at Erickson Alumini Center.
Seniors Robert Burke, Jared Forman, and Jacob King took top honors in semior mine design project competition. Eric Howe was awared the 2010 PCMIA-SME Pittsburgh Student Grant Award.
Degree recipients in Mining Engineering from August to December 2010 were thirteen B.S. degree, two M.S. degree, and two doctor of Philosophy.
Nearly 300 attend the 29th Annual International Conference on Ground Control in Mining at Lakeview Resort in Morgantown, WV.

Vol. 10 No. 01

Poundstone Lecturer--Garold R. Spindler, CEO of Imagin Minerals, Inc. as well as Zeox Corporation, presented, "In Defense of Industry".
Chair's report for undergraduate enrollment.
SME 2010 Syd S. Peng Ground Conrol in Mining Award, and sholarships.
WVU Student awards and SME scholarships.

Senior volunteer at Haiti, WVU's candlelight vigil for Upper Branch Mine disater, Iceland vocanic ash problem.
2010 SME Annual Meeting at Phoenix, AZ, and post meeting mine field trip to the Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. mining and smelting facilities at Globe-Miami, AZ.
2009-2010 undergraduates' farewell articles

Vol. 09 No. 02

Murrays established Endow Chairmanship in Mining Engineering Program.
Gene Kitts, senior vice president, ICG, presented the William Poundstone Lecture.
2009 ABET Accreditaion Visit.
Best of Ground Control in Mining, a diverse grouping of selections were chosen, and established the session to incorporate into Annual SME Meeting every year.
Ryan M. Murray, vice president of operations for Murray Energy Corporation, received the 2009 John T. Boyd Memorial Young Engineer Award.
2008-2009 undergraduate farewell articles.

Vol. 09 No. 01

James Lauritta, distinguished EM Alumni, delivered 2009 Spring Poundstone Lecturer.
Tom Barzack receid 2008 SME Syd S. Peng Ground Control in Mining award.
Elmer Attrium inducted to the member of 2009 WV Coal Hall of Fame.
J. E. "Jack" Katlic "Proud to be Buddy".
Bradley C. Lewis presented Addcar system for high wall mining at WV SME Student Chapter.
Bill Reid presented "Public Perception of Coal" to WV SME Student Chapter Members.
Studnets awards.
Mining engineering students inducted to the members of Tau Beta Pi Honor Soicty.
Record hight undergraduate graduated at 2009 May Commencement.

Vol. 08 No. 01 & No. 02

Scott Pack, distingushed EM Alumni, delivered Spring 2008 Poundstone Lecture.
Syd Peng among most influendial people.
Hyita presented Fall 2008 Poundstone Lecture.
Watts inducted into Coal Hall of Fame.
Spindler Reflects on his years in mining.
Students' immediate family in coal related business.

Vol. 07 No. 02

Michael Quillen presented the 2007 Fall Poundstone Lecture entitled, “Fast Company: Sustaining a Business Model in the Rapidly Changing World of Coal Mining”.
Dr. Syd Peng NAE Induction Ceremony and short courses in AU.
Mining Engineering Visiting Committee summarized the attributes for the success of recruiting students.
Benjamen Startler donated $25 million to fund breast cancer care and CEMR. Richard Whiting is President and Chief Executive Officer of Patriot Coal Corporation.
27th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining.
Minerals for Kids Booth.

Vol. 07 No. 01

Dr. Syd S. Peng's elected to National Academy of Engineering.
Dr. Syd Peng and Elmo Hurst inducted into WV Coal Hall of Fame.
Michael Peelish, the 2007 Spring distingushed EM Alumni.
Mineral Resources Award Banquet and NWVCPS Scholarship.
Why not a career in ming machinary?
Dr. Christopher Mark received Syd S. Peng SME Grouond Controal in Mining Award.
Royce Watts received the Erskine Ramsay Medal, AIME. WVU SME Student Chapter received GEM Award and first prize in member recruting.
R&D in WV underground chambers and comunication/tracking.

Vol. 06 No. 02

It was just announced that Dr. Syd S. Peng elected to National Academy of Engineering.
Dr. H. Doug Dahl presented 2006 Fall Poundstone Lecture.
Mning Industry Visiting Committee focused on recruting equipment, and space needs for increasing enrollment.
Thomas W. Howard: Recollections.

Three consecutive R&D 100 Awards.
Dr. Christopher Bise--Welcom New Department Chair.

Vol 6 No. 01

James "Buck" Harless, President, International Industries, Inc., presented Poundstone Lecture (Spring 2006).
Raymond H. Blowers, Jr. Endowed Scholarship establised in Mining Engineering prgram, WVU.

First SME Society Syd S. Peng Ground Control Award to Dr. Deniel Su, CONSOL Energy.

Vol. 05 No. 02

John Zachwieja, vice President of Central Appalachia Operatins for CONSOL, named Distinguished EM, presented Poundstone Lecture (Fall 2005).
Foundation Coal contributed to the Mining Engineering program, WVU.

Vol. 05 No. 01

James Roberts, President and CEO of Foundation Coal, presented Poundstone Lecture (Spring 2005).
William Poundstone inducted to 8th Coal Hall of Fame.
MinE Dept Strategic Plan for Next 10 Years Finalized.

Vol. 04 No. 02

Laurita Family Endowment.
Bill Raney, President of WV Coal Association, presented Poundstone Lecture (Fall 2004).

Vol. 04 No. 01

Ben Statler, Distinguished EM Award and presented Poundstone Lecture (Spring 2004).
James Bunn inducted to 7th class of Coal Hall of Fame.

Vol. 03 No. 02

Thomas Garges, Distinguished EM Award and presented Poundstone Lecture (Fall 2003).
Syd Peng 30 years at WVU and in Coal.

First Plance in 2003 Senior Design Project.

Vol. 03 No. 01

Barry Dangerfield, Distinguished EM Award and presented Poundstone Lecture (Spring 2003).
MinE Class of 2003 consisted of 16 graduates, including the largest class of Ph.D. graduates of five since its inception in 1979.

Vol. 02 No. 02

Massey Fouondation creasted Endowed Professorship.
Richard Whiting, Distinguished EM Award and presented Poundstone Lecture (Fall 2002).

Vol. 02 No. 01 James Boyd, Distinguished EM Award and presented Poundstone Lecture (Spring 2002).
Dr. Syd Peng awarded Erskine Ramsey Metal from AIME.

Vol. 01 No. 02

Peng Famility Endowment.
James Bunn, Distinguished EM Award and presented Poundstone Lecture (Fall 2001).

Vol. 01 No. 01 Distinguised EM Alumni and Poundstone Lecture Series program initiated.
Doug Blackburn, Jr. (Fall 2000), and Bob Quenon (Spring 2001) received Distinguished EM Alumni Awards, and presented Poundstone lectures.

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