West Virginia University Microgravity Research

Welcome to the Microgravity Research Program at West Virginia University. We are a team of undergraduates with two goals: completing novel research that is relevant to NASA, and promoting the benefits of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to local communities.


Floating Like An Astronaut - for science!

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Every year, NASA provides college undergraduates with an opportunity to experience the weightlessness, or "microgravity", that Astronauts do on missions to space. To participate, students must submit a detailed proposal to conduct scientific experiments in microgravity. The design is reviewed by a team of NASA scientists and engineers, and if it is accepted, then the students build, test, and load it aboard a special aircraft designed to simulate weightlessness. The experiment design team spends one week in Houston at the NASA Johnson Space Center, during which the experiment is tested in microgravity.